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Intuitive Wellness

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Services Available

Messages from Heaven

Staff Wellness

Angel Card Reading

Past Life Regression

Dream Analysis

Health or
Life Coaching

Past Life Regression Review

“I went into the Past Life Regression with Monica with a great deal of curiosity and to be honest quite low expectations.  I am thrilled to share that my life has been completely changed for the better by the experience. 

Have you ever felt a deep emotional response to something that was bigger than it should be or seemed misdirected?  I felt myself being triggered each time a certain situation would arise.  The trigger would make me feel very angry.  I shared this feeling with friends, and they didn’t seem to understand the level of anger I was feeling.  As Monica led me through the experience, she asked several questions and one of them was about what I was hoping to gain from the past life regression.  I told her I wanted to understand what my purpose was in this lifetime and how my past lives were impacting my current life experience.   

When the past life regression was over, and Monica asked me how I was feeling I immediately tried to pull up the previous feeling of anger.  It was GONE!  I tried again… with a little more effort…still GONE!

My past life regression was a couple of weeks ago and I am no longer triggered to anger by this situation.  To be clear, I still have the situation occurring, but I no longer feel anger. Instead, I feel peace and confidence that I have the ability to move through that situation and do what is necessary.  My life is infinitely better for having had this experience.  Thank you, Monica"

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Reiki sessions are available to cleanse, align and balance your chakras. It is also used to become more spiritually integrated and heal from physical pain. Reiki is available remotely and in person.

Benefits May Include:

  • increased energy

  • decreased pain and stress

  • feeling more open and loving

  • ease and joy in facing life's challenges

  • Life flows more naturally

  • better sleep 

  • more centered and grounded

  • helps to recover from health procedures

  • improved emotional state 

  • clear minded

  • inspired creativity

  • relaxed and confident for interviews and auditions 

  • grief

  • end of life care 

  • release addictions 

  • autoimmune disease support

  • financial abundance 

  • and so much more!

Alternative Therapy
Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Angel Card Reading

Card readings offer insight into your past, present and future and includes plenty of time for intuitive guidance.

Monica's Favorite Card Decks

  • Talking to Heaven

  • Archangel Rapheal Healing Cards

  • Life Purpose

  • Various Animal Decks

  • Soul's Journey

Dream Analysis

Our dreams are messages  from our soul to help us navigate life. Our dreams aren't what we think they are! Monica works with Jungian theory and intuitive guidance,  to decipher the dream messages so that you are able to receive your soul message and use it to improve your life!

Benefits May Include:

  • Help understand your soul life journey

  • Guide you in decisions in your life

  • Provide guidance in your relationships

  • Discover what your soul wants you to know!

Image by Kyle Cleveland

Messages from Heaven

The Talking to Heaven card deck by James Van Praghh is used for this card reading session. 

Messages from Heaven May Provide:

  • Messages from your loved ones in Heaven

  • Let go of any regrets

  • Learn more about the after-life

  • Ideas to help you connect with your loved ones

Spiritual & Intuitive
Life Coaching

Ready to make life changes?  Monica uses intuitive coaching sessions that allow you to tap into your own intuition and envision and ultimately reach your full potential. During this time, we look at limiting beliefs, roadblocks and identify the steps to help you move forward. Monica incorporates angel card readings, divine intuitive guidance, Ho’oponopono techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique, (energy tapping) distant Reiki healing and breathing techniques intended to calm your nervous system and allow you to move towards your goals.

Health and Life Coaching 

(most effective with multiple sessions):

  • 6 Sessions for $500

  • 12 Sessions for $1000

Crystal Ball
Image by Chang Duong

Staff Wellness

The services provided will vary based on the needs of your staff members. The price varies based on the number of participants and the amount of time required to provide the services. Please contact Monica for more information. 

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