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Why I Buy Toilet Paper in Bulk

January 26, 2020

Why do I buy toilet paper in bulk? I’ll explain. As a wife, mother, grandmother, administrator, writer, sister, aunt, friend, health and life coach, niece, and so much more, I have a lot of things to be grateful for in my life! One thing I am extremely grateful for each and every day is toilet paper. Imagine the time you have been going to the bathroom; only to realize that there is no toilet paper left. This has happened to all of us at one point or another! If you are in a public bathroom, you might ask someone in the next stall to pass some over. If you are at home, you might use tissue paper or paper towels. Any way you solve your problem, you struggle because you don’t have what you need – toilet paper.

Years ago, I began buying toilet paper in bulk. I have a busy life; as many of you may probably relate. I work a full-time job, write in my spare time, have a health and life coach business, try to take care of myself with food and exercise and try to spend time with family and friends. I do not. I repeat – I do not have time in my schedule to think about refilling toilet paper. It’s the least of my worries in life but I hate going without it. Therefore, I always make sure I have plenty in the house and it is one less thing I have to think about.

This idea spread to other things that I am grateful for and appreciate in my life. Tissues, coffee, milk, staples, paper, pens. Anything that I need on a regular basis and I don’t want to run out of. I don’t want this to take up space in my head. Doing this frees up that space for other things.

I learned about decision fatigue and didn’t realize this was happening to me. I was making so many decisions every day (on average, teachers make about 1,500 decisions per day) and I was exhausted. The teacher in this article wore the same shirt every day so that he wouldn’t have to make a decision about what to wear. I applied this to my life and began creating space to make less decisions. Toilet paper was one of them. I wouldn’t have to decide when I could stop at the store to pick up the toilet paper. I would see people at stores buying one or two rolls at a time and I would think to myself – no way. I do not want to take the time to think about toilet paper. What in your life can you eliminate and create space in your head for other things? I encourage you to discover how to free your head from thoughts and decisions that suck up unnecessary energy!

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I thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you learned how to clear some clutter from your mind by making sure you have the things you need in life- like toilet paper.

In Love and Light,