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The Perfect Christmas Gift

December 7, 2019

Recently at a work meeting, we were asked to introduce ourselves and share the best gift we have ever given. I knew my answer right away. It was the Advent Story Calendar I made for my parents. I shared about it in Dimes From Heaven towards the end of the book. Here is the part on page 155:

“A few years before my parents passed away, I gave them one of the best gifts ever. Instead of a Christmas present, I gave them an Advent Story Calendar that I created. Every day for December they would open up a different envelope in the box I made. Inside the envelope was a story written by myself, my siblings or their grandkids. The story was a favorite memory about my parents.” ~Monica L. Morrissey

It was cool to see what everyone remembered! Stories that some of us had forgotten, but were reminded of when we read them. It made every day of December special for my parents. I looked forward to seeing them and hearing them tell me the story of the day. It was most definitely the best gift ever!

As 2019 comes to a close, I am forever grateful that people have enjoyed reading my book.

I hope you have an amazing December! December is a time of being with family and friends. Making memories is a gift that will always stay with us, no matter where life might take us!

I wish you a Blessed day and I am forever grateful to have you in my life!

~Monica L. Morrissey

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