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Letting Go

October 20, 2019

“The trees are about to show us the beauty of letting go.” (Anonymous)

What can we learn from leaves?

Last time I wrote, it was about garbage. This week has been all about the leaves in Northern Vermont. We are wrapping up peak foliage in the Green Mountains and I am in awe yet again at how something that happens every single year can teach us so much!

This is a picture of Elmore Mountain. I do love watching the changes occur. It gives me time to think about the changes I am making within myself.

Beyond the beauty of the mountains, there is another side to the leaves. They fall. They fall off the trees and they pile up. On my lawn. All over my lawn.

I have been raking my leaves all week long. It’s a never-ending job that the locals do before winter and again in the springtime. These leaves are teaching me many lessons this week.

“Perfectionism is a self destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.”

Brene Brown

I cannot make my lawn perfect with no leaves. Once I rake the leaves, more fly upon the grass.

Growing up, I always thought I had to be perfect. I thought I had to follow all of the rules. I didn’t understand that in order to live life authentically, I needed to forgive and accept myself. There is no perfection in this life.

“Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and be who you are.” ~Brene Brown

It might be difficult to see, but if you look close, you can see the leaves letting go and flying in the sky. Some look like stars in the blue sky and others are dark. I compare these to our thoughts. Letting go can be dark but it can also let in the light. There are so many thoughts I have that come from years of listening to what other people said about me or my fears of other people judging me. It’s time for me to let go of those. I hope that you will join me in letting go of outdated thoughts during this season of letting go.