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Choosing a Parking Spot

September 18, 2020

I used to choose my parking spot in a very different way than I do now.

I used to try to find the closest parking spot to wherever I was going. Then, my insurance agent explained that most accidents happen when backing up, especially from a parking spot. He suggested always parking in a spot where I would be able to drive out without backing up. Then, I became thoughtful about any movement throughout my day. I decided to park further from the destination so that I would get a short walk. I also thought about the insurance agent and thought it would be better to park further away from other vehicles so there would be less chance of someone dinging my door or hitting my car in any way. Now, I think of these things, but sometimes at the last minute I decide to switch my choice of where to park. That’s when the miracle happens. And I have had several!

I mention in my book More Dimes From Heaven where my husband and I were on our way to visit friends in Delaware. Right at the very last minute, I decide to park in a totally different spot than I originally planned in my head. And….we parked the car right next to someone we knew from Vermont! We were in New Jersey and there were thousands of people in the parking lot. We were so happy to see Roger that day. It was the last time we would see Roger as he transitioned to Spirit about a year after we saw him.

One time this spring, I happened to park where I found 3 pennies. It was after my first book was out and many people in my hometown had read my book or, at least, knew about my book. This particular day I almost parked in one spot, then at the last minute I picked a spot further away from the other cars. As I was getting out of the car, I noticed two people who attended one of my book events. I had known them for years and the gentlemen won a dime necklace at my Book Launch Party. I thought it was fitting that a minister won the dime necklace- truly a message from my Father as to how important Faith was to him. I say hi and then I look down. My friends were about 20 feet away and this was during the beginning of COVID so we were keeping our distance. I tell them I just found 3 pennies! I think there must be one for each of us! I pick them up and begin to look at the years. They choose their pennies based on the meaning of the year. The two they picked were very significant to them- I can’t remember if they were birth years or their anniversary. We were all so happy! It was a great moment in the sunshine and amidst the unknown of COVID.

More recently, my Sister, Merrilee and I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle, my Mother’s brother. If you remember from my books, pennies are always a sign from my Mom. We met at a local grocery store and I drove everyone to see my Aunt and Uncle. I parked on the right side of my Sister’s car and she hopped in the back seat. We had a great visit and then we headed back to drop my Sister off at her car. Instead of parking on the right side of the car, like I did earlier, at the last minute, I decide to park on the left side. I put the car in park and my sister proceeded to get out of the car. She goes to put her foot down and says, “Merillee, look at what is near my foot!” It was a penny! That is a sign from my Mom! I think, Well, she got a penny. Maybe I can find one too!

I proceed to open my door and guess what? There is a penny on my side of the car too! Mom gave us BOTH a penny! Then I decide that Merrilee needs a penny too….I open my door up again and look really closely. My penny was shiny and new so I saw it easily when the sun was shining on it. I looked harder this time. Sure enough, I found ANOTHER PENNY! I gave it to Merrilee and she said, “But I never met your Mom!” That doesn’t matter. She knows you are here with us now.

My Mom wanted all of us to know that she was trying to support her brother that day. I felt it. My Sister felt it and Merrilee felt it. We knew she was close to us.

I went home feeling good but also worrying about my Aunt, who is ill right now. I prayed for her and her family. That night I had a dream. In the dream, I called my Grandmother, my Mother and Uncle’s mother. I don’t remember talking to her much about anything. I told my Grandmother I just called to say “Hi” Grandma. In my books, I talk about different dreams at different times. They are always a message if I am able to see them. When I awoke, I wondered what the message was. Instantly, I thought, my Grandmother wanted to let us all know that she, like my Mom, is with us to support us during this time.

A few days later, Merrilee was worried about going on a trip. Her car was making a funny noise and she was worried something might happen. She called to tell me that she found a penny, thought of my Mom and she felt my Mom told her it was going to be ok to go on her trip. Her worry and anxiety melted away. They went on their trip and everything was fine, just like my Mom had told her.

This is how positivity spreads. One person at a time. One penny or dime at a time. When I shared about a four leaf clover story to my sister , she shared with me that some people at work found some four leaf clovers the very same day that I found the one at my friend’s house. They were so big!

I love how my sister sent me a picture and put a dime next to them for comparison. Dimes will always be my sign but Spirit is showing me more and more signs; my heart expanding and guided towards love.

I wish that I had kept track of how many dimes and pennies that I have found based on my parking spot. Right now, it is too many to even remember! When I find them, it always makes me feel better. Usually, I am experiencing stress over work or something else. When I find a coin, it always makes me remember the saying, This too shall pass. Whatever I am ruminating over usually does pass, but at the time, it is always difficult to remember that.

I will continue to let the universe choose my parking spot. I won’t expect a miracle, but if and when they do happen, I will enjoy every single moment!