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When people die, are they ever truly gone? I had heard the saying “pennies from heaven” before, but my coins from heaven seemed to be dimes.

In this memoir, follow how coins and coincidences sent from heaven led Monica L. Morrissey to understand her life as a sensitive person.

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Dimes From Heaven How Coins and Coincidences Helped Me Discover My Life as an Empath

“Was my father actually sending me dimes to show me he wasn’t really gone? My mother seemed to be sending pennies all the time, but my dad was pretty clever.

Everyone around me knew that I was sensitive, but it took me writing about a few special dimes to discover what it meant to be an empath. Along with the messages from Heaven, I share how I am listening to the positive voice inside my head.

This book is about so much more than dimes, yet without them, I wouldn’t have written it.

More Dimes From Heaven; A Journey to Self-Publishing

Have you ever done something that was so scary you weren’t sure you really wanted to do it? I never, ever wanted to be an author. I was scared to share personal aspects of my life with others. When I first put pen to paper, I had no idea how my life was about to change. The messages were impossible to miss when I started writing my first book, Dimes From Heaven. I was meant to share my story and write a book! Miracles happened and I discovered things about myself and the world during the journey of writing.. More Dimes From Heaven includes the step by step process of  my journey to become an author; a journey that is filled with miracles and many more dimes! Learn the ins and outs of self publishing and how you too can write your story!

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Book Three Coming Soon!

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