About The Book


Was my father actually sending me dimes to show me he wasn’t really gone? My mother seemed to be sending pennies all the time, but my dad was pretty clever.

Everyone around me knew that I was sensitive, but it took me writing about a few special dimes to discover what it meant to be an empath. Along with the messages from Heaven, I share how I am listening to the positive voice inside my head.

This book is about so much more than dimes, yet without them, I wouldn’t have written it.

I always knew that I had a deeper connection to something. I wasn’t sure how to explain it and I didn’t always know how to access it. Looking back now, I realize that I wasn’t raised to explore or understand this connection and it went against everything that I felt inside. This story is my journey about discovering the world beyond the human experience and learning to accept my gifts and challenges as an empath. I didn’t set out to write a memoir. I only wanted to write about the dimes. I didn’t know that through the process of writing, I would heal from the inside out. Before I did that though, I had to understand my life from a different perspective. I had to step out of my anger and into my body. That’s when I found the answers. This book shares the intimate details of how being an empath affected every part of my life, including food, relationships, and my internal messages to myself. The Liberty Head dimes helping me have “Freedom of Thought”, which is the meaning of that particular dime. May you have Freedom of Thought as you read.

“A memoirists work is not just to transcribe his life, but to uncover meaning behind those life experiences for himself, and for his readers.” ~ Joni B. Cole


This is the exact coin that I found 2 years after my father’s death. I found it in the house my son bought. The Liberty Head dime represents, “Freedom of Thought”.


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